Sponsor regulations


SDGF will during every season arrange a number of events i the categories: National Tour – NT, Swedish Championships – SM and Junior Camp Events – JCE.


  • For each of the different types of events we are looking for a main sponsor.
  • The main sponsor will get value back for the sponsorship provided.
  • Different events have different market value depending on the type of event, number of participants and audience, geographical place and so on
    . Therefore the sponsorship provided can vary between the events and are negotiated separately.
  • SDGF will call for offers from  the participating sponsors in a closed bidding round and select the sponsor based on what is evaluated as the best bid for each event type

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  • The sponsor is fully responsible for providing marketing material.
  • The sponsor is fully responsible for handling any logistics related to the sponsorship of the events, such as sending products that are to be sold or marketing material that should be on display.

Sponsorship return value

Below we’ve listed some examples of conrete return values for the sponsoring parties, but SDGF is open to discuss other suggestions.

  • Exposure in social media, for example by:

    • providing banners with links to the sponsor’s web sites in conjunction with the communication of the events
    • adding the sponsor’s wanted hashtags when posting event content
  • Verbal mentioning during events, such as player meetings, prize ceremonies, etc.
  • Displaying marketing material at events.
  • Marketing material on baskets (e.g. printed foam rolls on the pole).


Similarly to above we see that the sponsorship can be provided in different ways and below we’ve listed some suggestions, but also here we are open to discussion and having a dialogue with the sponsoring party.

  • Money
  • Products (e.g. in the player package).
  • Extra warm up baskets.
  • Sales of products during the events.

Jonas Hangvar, jonas.hangvar@svenskdiscgolf.se


How about local sponsor agreements at individual events made by the arranging club?

Every responsible organiser of an event has the right to agree with their own sponsors as long as these sponsors aren’t direct competitors or run a similar business as the main sponsor of the event type

. If it’s unclear whether there is a conflict or not the main sponsor should be contacted and if an agreement can’t be made SDGF will provide support in resolving the situation.

Agreements and contact for this type if sponsorship are done between the organiser of the event and the sponsor
. SDGF reserves the right to cancel agreements between an event and it’s sponsor if the company is not compliant with SDGF’s values and principles.

A main sponsor should not deny other companies to demonstrate their products on events, but it’s up to the main sponsor to decide who can sell products during the event. The companies who plan to demonstrate products during the event should always communicate the main sponsor regarding this.