Call for sponsor applications 2019

Svenska Discgolfförbundet (SDGF) has the intention to search for sponsors for the season of 2019 to the National Tour (NT), Swedish Championships (SM) and the junior camp events (JCE)
. Disc golf is growing at an unprecedented rate and there are new courses popping up everywhere as well as new fantastic players in Sweden that are competing with the best disc golfers in the world

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. The number of companies that are targeting disc golf is growing and there have been major changes in sponsorship contracts for the best players in the world leading up to 2019. This indicates an increased strategic value of sponsoring in the disc golf business world and SDGF hopes that it is attractive for companies to participate and market themselves in the context of SDGF’s events and national team activities.

. We are interested in having a dialogue with interested parties in how we can create win-win solutions that are attractive for everybody involved and help us grow the sport.

The plan is to stage four NT events (Kalmar, Söderhamn, Falköping and Järva).

SM will be played individually in Västervik on the newly created course as well as the historical Jenny course, soon to be removed. The par golf event will take place in Malmö and the team championships will take place in Eskilstuna.

The junior camp events are under negotiation and the plan is to call for the yearly weekend where we invite all juniors in Sweden, as well as another event targeted at young players (up to about 25 years old) who had major achievements during 2018. Both events are useful for scouting participants for the European Championships 2020.

Current status

National tour sponsor: to be determined.
Swedish championships sponsor: to be determined.
Junior camp events sponsor: to be determined.

Application for sponsoring should be sent to

In the application, please state:

  • Name of the sponsor, including corporate id number and VAT id number
  • The value the sponsor is providing (see sponsor regulations)
  • Expectations on the sponsor’s return value
  • Contact person
  • Wanted length of the sponsorship agreement
  • The sponsor’s values

Please provide your application as soon as possible, but latest 1st of February, as we need to select sponsors well ahead of the season start.

Svenska Discgolfförbundet reserve the right to deny sponsors if the applying company is incompatible with the principles and values of Svenska Discgolfförbundet

The following criteria are important when selecting the sponsors:

  • Development of disc golf and the events.
  • The value of the sponsorship.
  • The values and organizational principles of the applying party and how they agree with the values and principles of Svenska Discgolfförbundet.